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2018 4th International Conference of Computer Science, intelligent automation  and Information EngineeringIAIE2018which will be held on December 27-30, 2018 in changsha, China.

2018 4th International Conference of Computer Science, intelligent automation  and Information EngineeringIAIE2018is a leading conference for all researchers from different countries and territories to present their research results about material, power and energy annually.IAIE2018  is to provide an opportunity for leading academicians, scientists, researchers and industry professionals from around the world to network and have scientific discussion on the latest advancements in the interlinked domains of science, business and engineering and it’s research benefits for each other’s domain progress.


Thepapers which the authors submit should be original and unpublished. Allsubmissions must be in English and be checked for correct grammar and spelling.The standard paper format and paper page limits which are listed in the giving“Template” should be strictly abided by in the submitted papers. The submissionformat is the same as the camera-ready format. Please check and carefullyfollow the instructions and templates provided. Each paper should clearlyindicate its technical or scientific contributions and the theme which itbelongs to. All submitted papers will be subject to the single-blindpeer-review process. Papers that are out of the conference theme or containplagiarism in anyway from any source will be rejected without consideration.The best papers will be recommended to EI SCI journals.





论文篇幅控制: EI期刊源7页以上,单词3000字数以上(word统计为准);


文章必须有较好的英语表达水平,有图,有表,有数据或设计,有算法( 方案,模型),实验,仿真等。拒绝抄袭,机械性的论文;


参考文献控制12条以上,参考文献引用控制在近4年以内;图表分辨率必须达到 300 dpi;


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